Monday, 10 October 2016

Just a little....

Here we are again, just passing in time for now.  Have a look down the bottom at the banner.  We have an excellent forum for Dubliners, ex pats and anyone interested in Dublin or in just having a chat.

I thought I'd just show you a video clip from a few years ago.    This is Sean and some local views.

And another photo of us three brothers from 12 years ago.

And here's a recent photo of Tony and me at the back (me on the right) and Ellen and Marie in front.   We were having a meal at Parnell's GAA club in Coolock.

Dear old Dublin town.   

Enjoy the views, and if you are overseas, do come and visit soon.

Seeya soon.   Enjoy the game below, and if you want to contact me my address is

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