Wednesday, 5 June 2013

And yet again

Lots of water has flown under the bridge since my last entry in this blog.   To tell the truth the passing my our dear sister Chris and our darling Brianna knocked the stuffing out of me and I just hadn't the heart to sit bhere and write.

But its about time the blog was worked on again.

So its time for me to continue to write so that family and those who come after us will know something of what life was like in Dublin from about 1950 onwards.

So its my intention, and I hope the rest of the family will join me, in describing my earliest memories, my first day at school, memories of childhood and teens, social life, good friends, school teachers who left an impression, our first television set, radio programs that interested us, our local shops and their owners, etc etc.....  in general a document that our grandchildren will read and learn from, and their children too.

Now to do some thinking.   Back soon I hope, and I hope that others of the Leonard Family will contribute too.

Thank you for visiting.